Playing games with kids: 5 tips to make games work for your family

Are you sick of Candyland? Ready to flip the Monopoly Jr. board? Wondering whether you’ll ever be able to play the games you love with your kids? Donate that copy of Chutes and Ladders, and pull out your favorite game instead. Here are five proven strategies for playing games with kids. 

Use the pieces, modify the rules.

When my son was 3, he pointed at the Terra Mystica box and asked to play. A logical person would have said, “Well, the box says it’s for ages 13 and up, so let’s play Memory instead.” Instead, my husband pulled out the box and started explaining the game. They did not play with all of the rules, and they didn’t play more than a turn or two. But, they did figure out a game that worked. Over many months they built up to the full rule set.

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