That time he flipped the board

Playing games with kids isn’t always sunshine and roses. I know I write about a lot of fun family memories, so it may seem that we never fight, argue, or get upset. That is false. Sometimes there are tears, frustration, and sadness. And that’s okay, too.

sometimes they flip the board

We try to prevent these situations before they happen (more on how to do that below), but just a few months ago my son flipped the game board for the first time. We were playing Blokus Trigon, and one of us took the space he had planned to play on next. He really, really wanted to take back the last set of moves, and we said no. So he pushed all the pieces off the board in a huff. We put the game away despite his requests for a do-over. It was late, and he was tired, and after a while he calmed down.

Really, it’s amazing that hadn’t happened before. I know I feel angry when my strategy is thwarted or I failed to foresee an opponent’s move. I want to flip the board, too. So, how do we prevent that?

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