Definition of family

Families come in all shapes and sizes. I fully recognize that my experience may be different from yours. That’s cool. I love to play games with my immediate family, my extended family, and my friends.

Definition of games

I’m writing about games that my family and I enjoy. That’s board games, card games, sports, games we make up, and games we learned from other people. I fully recognize that I’m likely ignoring entire swaths of the gaming world. I’m going to write what I know.

Choking Hazards

I write a lot about modifying games to fit the ages of the people who are playing. However, please pay attention to and follow any and all choking or hazard warnings printed on the box, and use common sense when gaming with small children. Be aware of small pieces that could be swallowed, especially anything magnetic.

This is my favorite hazard warning from Wiggling Cow (an excellent game, despite the warning).:

Danger of stab wounds if not used properly.
Be careful with the pointy fork!

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