Last week, the hype became real as Atlus debuted a brand new Persona 5 trailer. After picking his his jaw up off the floor, our very own Andrew Clouther wrote

As I’m sure you’re well aware, Evolve is out tomorrow. And while you might have already seen some review scores, we’ve opted to hold off on publishing our full review.

The Battlefield Hardline beta is well underway on all consoles, and of course we jump at the first opportunity to let our bumbling duo, Andrew and Tony get their hands

On our first episode of Physical Damage, where we take a little break from the digital games, we take a look at the newly released Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters from WizKids.

Super Bowl XLIX had just about everything a football fan could ask for — great plays, a spetacular halftime performance by Katy Perry, and an unbelievably stunning end coupled with

With Battlefield Hardline’s beta starting this week, we recently sat down with Visceral Games to talk about the developer’s new take on the long-standing series, and how their focus on


Dead or Alive 5 has had multiple iterations; DOA5 Plus was the portable Vita version, while DOA5 Ultimate was yet another console version that incorporated some of the additions in

Exactly one month ago today, Daybreak Game Company (formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment) launched Early Access to their post-apocalyptic, survival MMO, H1Z1. As an early access title, it launched